What is your BIGGEST fear about this program?

What scares most conscious people is the same fear I’m slowly overcoming. Failure. Putting everything into one thing and just hoping for the best scares the death out of me. I’m a person that likes to plan and predict every move down to the tea, as well as have a few back up plans in my back pocket just in case plan A goes horrifically wrong1019_4491956. I plan on making this an career opportunity, one of many of course. So when I think of not being able to succeed in this field, it sends shutters through my body because its not just like “oh well, on to the next thing” which is my philosophy for most things I fail at. But with this I can’t have the same approach, its not just time and energy wasted its my future at stake. I told myself with this program I’ll be able to take care of myself once I finish, go to college, and live comfortably and not struggle like every other young adult out here trying to do everything we can to let everyone around us think we got this. PSA: WE DONT GOT THIS. So my biggest fear has nothing to actually do with the program, but the thought of not completing or being successful in this program frightens me deeply. But I have faith based off my spiritual and religious beliefs as well as faith in myself. So I don’t scare away from things easily and this will be another thing I will overcome regardless the doubts I have DEEP down inside.


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