Be Purposeful.

At 6 am I wake up, maintaining a positive outlook on the world instead of lying in bed all day watching Netflix. Around 8, school begins; and although its so many places I could think of that I’d rather be, I ignore those thoughts & put on the façadesuperwoman in red cloar running up stairs that it’s the one place I can not live without & push through the day. Now this continues to about 4:05 in the evening. Yes. That means I’ve been up for 11 hrs. Although there’s still that n ice comfy bed and Netflix waiting on me at home, I push through to work. This is usually a set schedule from 5 to close. As tired as I am, I put on a smile and give my best service because no matter how exhausted I am I know I will get no where and accomplish nothing if I don’t push myself. That’s how I’m purposeful to myself everyday, even though I could give in to my lazy urges, I wont because I won’t accomplish any of my dreams and that, is nothing close to acceptable.


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