Be Special

Life; in most peoples eyes is about beating everyone to the same finish lane. Succeeding. Where Losing is not an option. To lose is to fail and to fail requires you to take on the title of a ‘failure’. Although we are not all pegged to be ‘winners’, we’re all predestined to be special. Seeing it’s black history month, I’ll use the exceptional Mrs.Rosa Parks as an example. On an ordinary day, in a specially trying time period where the common was discrimination and it was very few notable people who risked their life to defend their way of living or even more unusual; the life of someone else. Then there was Mrs.Parks. An older woman who was simply tired from a specially trying day and just wanted to take a seat… We know how the rest of that story goes. I say that to say this, she could’ve gotten up as any other person would’ve; just to stay out of trouble, but Mrs.Parks? Was outstandingly fed up. Her refusing to give up her seat, assisted in the Civil Rights movement. c20d5acb6b9ee7f001f333ce6dbf11ddNow-a-days, where everything is accepted from the wrong to the weird, it’s hard to stand out even if you are predestined to “be special”. So I say, stop racing to that forever moving finish life and enjoy the journey. Take the extra minute to smile that bright smile, and make someones day. Take a minute and hold that conversation a little bit longer. Take those extra steps that aren’t necessary. There is no one definition of “being special,” being special is not excepting being common. No one tells you you’re special. You just feel and own it! So embrace the feelings and BE SPECIAL! 


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