Be Forward »»»»»»

Being foward” can be taking either good or bad. When you hear that phrase you’re mind automatically thinks in the aspects of disrespect; when someone’s “being forward” they’re normally expressing how they feel through words or actions and through those same words they’re crossing a boundary line with whomever they’re expressing those feelings to. So no mostly you don’t want to be “to forward. My definition seems to differ somewhat of that though, although that describes the phrase pretty well it also has a few other meanings.  At least to me. “Be forward” Don’t look back. Don’t sit and dwell on things that cannot be changed, altered, or “fixed”… be forward & look toward the things you that can. “Be forward” Speak up when you know you have the right answer, stop mumbling and letting the goof next to you take credit for your brilliancy! “Be FORWARD Stand up for your beliefs, non-beliefs, and everything in between; no one can tell a forward person how to think! “Be forward” When life knocks you to the bottom of the bottom and lowest of the lowest, when it all just seems too much “be forward” and crush those struggles! Yes you get knocked down but not being forward will leave you on the ground, get off the floor and “BE FORWARD“!


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