Be Funny


“When I turned 12 or 13, I realized that being funny wasn’t about remembering jokes, it was about creating them.”– Paul Merton

At the young age of 12 or 13 Paul Merton grasped a vital concept a lot of people still haven’t quite caught onto. It took me 18 years. 18 years to realize life is continuous, continuously going to be hard, continuously giving us reasons to give up, continuously making that harden expression a frequent one on our face. Growing up I was taught most things that our continuous aren’t constant. We choose our dealings. We choose to except life sucks. Instead? Lets embrace it! We already know the hand being dealt, why keep making the same moves to loose? Instead of allowing the inconveniences of life constantly get you down, laugh in life’s face! We can’t afford to be black and white in this gruesome world, We have to laugh in despair, make jokes when no one wants to laugh, smile when it feels your face muscles don’t function that way.  Life makes you feel like a joke… so why not laugh? Take life’s opposition of your external and internal happiness and give it no other option but to hop on board and accept nothing it throws at you will take away your urge to be funny, laugh, smile, or grit to be happy away.



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